3 Habits for Stress-Free Skin

By November 29, 2016Skin Health
stress-free skin

Stress during the holidays can take a toll on our skin.

From parties to getting our shopping lists done, our skin can show the stress with additional dryness and fine lines and wrinkles.  

When this time of year is non-stop, we provide 3 habits for stress-free skin. 

1) Keep a consistent exercise routine for stress-free skin

It might take extra resolve to consistently exercise during the holidays, but your skin will thank you. Exercise increases blood flow to the skin, bringing essential nutrients for healthy, vibrant skin. Exercise until your skin is pink and you have some sweat at least 4 to 5 days a week.  The key is to be consistent.  A workout once a week will not help your stress level or your skin.  Think of the exercise as releasing the stress built up in your body.

2) Get 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night for stress-free skin

You might be laughing at this idea, but sleep is essential for a healthy body and great skin.  Your body – and your skin – repair itself during sleep.  You must give your body time to repair and recover from the stressful days or it will show in your skin.  If you must stay up until the wee hours of the morning, sleep in the next day.  Use sleep to wash away the wrinkles.

3) Keep as healthy a diet as possible for stress-free skin

There are so many desserts, muffins, pastries, candy around during the holidays.  It is hard to not partake.  Try for keeping your diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Eat before you go to a party or gathering.  If you have had a healthy meal or snack before you arrive, you will have more willpower to abstain from bad choices.  Preparation is key.  Keep healthy foods at home and pack healthy snacks to eat throughout the day.   

Keep these 3 habits during the stressful and busiest time of the year and all year long to keep your skin looking stress-free.

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