Health Is a Lifestyle Not a Pill


Living up to your optimum health isn’t found in a pill.

Sickness and chronic disease do not happen overnight. Chronic, by definition, means ongoing or continuous. In reverse, health does not magically appear. Health is gained through continual and constant attention to lifestyle habits. Lifestyle is how you live daily – your daily habits. Health is gained by living in a healthy way each and every day.

When a health crisis comes, it is too late to take a pill and expect that all the sins of your lifestyle will go away in a moment’s notice. You may take a drug that will address the symptoms of a disease, but the disease may remain.

For example, you might take high blood pressure medication, but you still have high blood pressure. Your high blood pressure will only be “cured” through addressing diet and exercise over the course of time.

These are the 4 areas of your lifestyle that must be addressed on a daily basis to live in health:


A plant-based diet is free of sugar and processed food. Food intake is commiserating with maintaining a healthy weight.


30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least 5 days a week. This is a minimum. As you get older, weight-bearing exercises become more important to maintain bone density and muscular strength.


Your body needs 7 to 8 hours of restful, rejuvenating sleep every night. Your body and brain need this time to clean and recover from the day.

Stress Control

Stress is a healthy lifestyle killer. Learning to control stress is mandatory for living a long healthy life. You must find what works for you, such as meditation, prayer, yoga.

Concentrate on your daily habits in these areas each day. Over a period of time, your health will be prepared for a health crisis, should it come your way. Learning to live a healthy lifestyle instead of depending on a pill is the best medicine you can give to yourself.

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