Personalized Skin Care Consultation with Deborah Poland

Skin Care Consultation

Your personalized natural skin care consultation will help you care for your skin – inside and out.  Don’t get put into a routine based only on your skin type.  Get an individualized natural skin care solution. 

No harsh chemicals, surgery or expensive products, just practical advice and ingredients… I believe in and use the Epicuren® line of products. 

My primary product line is Epicuren® because our philosophies are similar. Epicuren® is ever changing and evolving. They offer pure, innovative skin care using the most luxurious, natural ingredients available.

Through her skin care consultation, Deborah will develop a custom program just for you.

Whether you’re  a teen with acne, a mom who wants to stay looking her best or you’re looking to turn back the clock.


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What is the Natural Skin Solution?

The Natural Skin Solution is a comprehensive, personalized plan for you to achieve the best skin possible.

Step 1: Schedule your skin care consultation. Please prepare for the consultation by writing down questions you have.  I will be asking you about your diet, lifestyle, stress, sleep habits, and skin care products and routine.

Step 2: After our skin care consultation, I will prepare a written report which will include my recommendations on how you can achieve your best skin possible.  This will take between 7 and 10 days from the time of our consultation.

Step 3: I will email your personalized report with a request to make a short 15 minute appointment to go over my recommendations and answer any questions you might have about the report. You will receive 25% off any products you decide to purchase at the end of this consultation.

You can schedule additional virtual 25 minute consultations for the next 24 months at $25.

The Natural Skin Solution Includes:

  • 45 minute virtual skin care consultation
  • Custom daily plan focusing on:
    • Diet
    • Skincare routine
    • Healthy lifestyle habits
    • Beneficial treatment recommendations

Book a Skin Care Consultation

With: Deborah Poland $195

Includes: A comprehensive, personalized plan for you to achieve the best skin possible.

Complete the 7 day Natural Skin Solution Journal, then Deborah will evaluate it and come up with a written assessment.  Then you will meet with Deborah to go over her recommendations and to give you an opportunity to ask questions.

Time:  45 Minutes

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Why do you ask about what I eat?

We age from the inside out.  What we eat shows up on our face.  Most common skin conditions can be traced to diet.  Great skin is more than just using the right products.  It is a lifestyle of health.

Why is my skin type not enough?

Every person is unique.  Plugging clients into a pigeon hole of a “skin type” is misleading and might actually be making a person look older.  For instance, someone with dry skin might have breakouts.  If you use acne products, you will see the signs of aging faster.  I don’t recommend you buy products based on skin type.  A professional esthetician looking at your bare skin through a magnifying light is the only true way to determine skin type.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds, but if an incorrect product recommendation was made, a credit may be applied toward a different product.  My goal is to make sure you are happy (and using) any product you purchase from me.

Should I wear makeup for my skin care consultation?

It is best not to wear makeup for your consultation.  Lighting is also important.  Make sure you are in an area with good light.

Can you really teach me how to obtain great skin virtually?

Yes.  Remember, I am not just looking at your skin.  I will be asking you detailed information about you and your lifestyle habits.

Will I have to buy all new products?

Not necessarily.  My goal is that your skin care products work for you.  I do not recommend mass produced products with a long shelve life.  Products I recommend are free of fragrance, preservatives, harsh chemicals, and parabens.  My basic skincare plan revolves are 4 products.  Until you are using those 4 types of products, which are appropriate, consistently I do not add further products.  More products are not necessary better.

Why do you ask so many questions?

You wear your lifestyle on your skin.  Your skin care issue could be from some lifestyle habit you would never connect to your skin.  I look at skin care in a holistic way – totally the opposite from a dermatologist.  Dermatologist are only looking at the symptom not the cause.  I am looking for the cause of your skin concerns.

When will I see results?

Results vary depending on how much of the NSS program you implement.  We don’t just wake up one day with a wrinkle.  It started years before.  I encourage you to take steps immediately, no matter where you are.  This is a process, not a miracle.  Most clients see results within 3 months.