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Deborah Poland is a popular skin care speaker for women’s professional groups, women’s initiatives, real estate agents, sales professionals, and church groups.

First impressions make lasting impressions and the first thing anyone notices is our skin. How our skin looks and feels, determines how we are received and has a direct impact on our influence professionally and personally.

As a licensed esthetician, skin care consultant, speaker, and author, Deborah commonly encounter clients whose number one complaint is the ineffectiveness of dermatology, and the treatment of symptoms, rather than root causes.

My Skin Care Approach

I take a pro-active approach to overall health and well-being, realizing that our health determines the quality of our skin.  My anti-aging techniques will revolutionize the way you approach skin care in the future.  I am a sought after skin care speaker/trainer and author of the book, Clean Skin Care- Natural Alternatives to Dermatology, available nationwide and on

Skin Care Speaker Opportunities with Deborah Poland Include Topics Such As:

bulletAging from the INSIDE Out- What’s the REAL secret to healthy, beautiful skin?

bulletSimplify Your Beauty Routine- The 3 Step Daily Wardrobe; Cleanse- Protect-Repair

bulletCommon Sense Approach to Natural Skin Care:  Dermatological Prescriptions VS Natural Treatments

bulletDon’t Break the Bank! The BEST products are not always the most expensive products.  Deborah’s “Buyer’s Guide.”

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