Skin Care Talk – 4 Things Your Skin Would Say

Skin care talk starts with listening to your skin.

My clients sometimes laugh at me when I tell them to talk to their skin. I want my clients to get to know their skin in an intimate way. I want them to look at it, touch it, feel it, and yes, talk to it. When you get to know your skin in this way, you will begin to notice when small changes happen. When a change happens, you can think back to what might have caused the change. Has the weather changed, am I under stress, has my diet changed, or have a tried a new product?

Here are 4 things your skin might be saying:


“Stop eating sugar.” Sugar creates an environment in the body where bacteria thrive. This is the number one action you can take to stop breakouts.

“Clean me with the right cleanser.” Use a Clarisonic with a mild cleanser. Let the Clarisonic do the work. If your skin is red and irritated after cleansing, then your cleanser is too strong. You want to cleanse the skin but not strip the skin of its protective natural oils.

Your skin could be telling you “Take me for an oxygen facial.” Skip the heavy exfoliation and aggressive cleansing facials. Bacteria cannot grow in an oxygen environment; therefore, an oxygen facial is the best choice of professional skin care services.

Dry Skin:

“Stop exfoliating so much.” Using retinols and aggressive exfoliation will dry the skin further.  Dry skin needs to be nourished. You cannot scrub away dry skin.

“Give me moisture I can absorb, not oil that sits on top.” Move away from using coconut oil on your skin. It might feel good for a while, but what you feel is the oil, not your skin. Use a high-quality moisturizer with hyaluronic acid that goes into the skin.

Skin care talk like “Love me and treat me with kindness” could be your skin telling you to use a mild exfoliate no more than two times per week. Give yourself a quick facial massage as you apply your moisturizer. Tell your skin how much you love it and appreciate it taking care of you.

Under-Eye Dark Circles or Bags:

“Feed me vitamin K.” Taking vitamin K supplements and eating foods with vitamin K will help with the dark circles. Vitamin K is found in eggs, dark leafy greens, and broccoli. Vitamin K helps to clot blood and excessive bleeding.

“Give me a massage or an eye mask.” Massaging your eyes will help with circulation and moving the blood from the eye area. An eye mask you can place in the refrigerator will cool the eye area, shrink the blood vessels, and reduce bags in the eye area.


“Stop obsessing over me.” Stress is a major instigator of wrinkles. Look at your general health. Are you exercising, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep? These are the areas to look at instead of obsessing.

“Stop doing so much.” Are you using too many products? Using many products, especially from different companies, will work against each other. You don’t need more than three to five products total. Don’t buy another skin care product until you review what you have. General good health is more important than a product.

Skin care talk is about listening, loving, and taking care of your skin daily.  Only then you will begin to listen!

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